Ontario’s New Workplace Laws Have “Negative” Effects

Over the last two years, the Ontario government has pursued the Changing Workplaces Review, a once-in-a-generation assessment of the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act. The outcome of this review will change the relationship between every employee and employer in Ontario.

According to media reports this weekend, the Ontario government is considering measures that will risk many unintended consequences while passing new costs on to consumers. This week, we were told that the provincial cabinet will consider several options including a minimum number of sick days, increasing annual paid vacation and boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

In a letter sent to Premier Kathleen Wynne on behalf of Ontario’s employer community, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce objected in the strongest terms to many of the reforms that are potentially being considered. Taken as a whole, these reforms will tip our economic balance in a profoundly negative way. The changes would further restrict the flexibility of part-time and contract employees, diminish transparency and informed employee choice in the union certification process, and institute “paperwork provision” that will add new layers of red tape to the existing regulatory framework. It is important to remember that good jobs are the direct result of a strong and growing economy.

  • FactsWillOut

    I have no doubt that if passed, my current employer will pull up its stakes and move to Mexico.

  • Chris

    Well folks, what would you expect from a morally, economically, and ideologically bankrupt institution like our provincial government. They are at the grasping at straws point in their political lives and are trying to come up with absolutely anything they can to convince the sheeple of Ontario that they are ‘doing something’ for working people. I wonder if there is anyone in the provincial liberal party that has any sort of grasp on reality left.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      lieberals have never had a grasp on reality.

  • Exile1981

    I think the employers group is right about what will happen… but they are wrong in that the liverals have those as the planned outcone, not unplanned.

  • Gary

    More BS and Window Dressing to help win the 2018 Provincial Election. Note how John Tory is banging the drum over the TTC and Public Transit in general because Wynne can exploit this with another hollow Promise of money pre-election (June 2018) while Trudeau can spew his BS pre-2019 Election for huge bags of money for transit.

    We all know that since the 1970’s the Politicians have used the TTC in Toronto to make promises pre-election to expand it but they don’t tell us that it’s all hinged on the other 2 Levels of Government matching the funds.
    Wynne is starting her campaign while the taxpayers fund it because the NDP is getting out front with issues as part of out-spending the Liberals to go deeper into debt much faster because that the Socialists way to spend the nation rich. Remember McGuinty and his big promise to ignore the Courts and extent Funding to autism victims beyond age 5….. but once elected he held up the Constitution and Charter where the Court System must be obey by the Judges ruling.
    This worked so well that Wynne dusted off the promise and said she would allot close to $900 million for autism. That promise died but now she’s trying it 1 more time because when you have no Plan or Policy you drag out the Chilllllldren and and pour on the faux compassion that makes headlines .
    All of those 5 year old children from McLiar’s promise are now at high school age , this is like Al Gore’s Global warming scam to kids that are now in University and haven’t seen any valid Global warming but still believe that the earth will burn in by 2050 if we don’t raise the taxes.