Pirate Mom – Latest News

Just back from the hospital where we spent a very warm afternoon.

The doctor was encouraging, after performing an ultrasound on the eye he said that he liked what he saw.

The retina is not detached and the cornea is not nearly so cloudy now.

How much vision she’ll have left remains to be seen, it’s a waiting game. Right now all she sees is light and shadows.

She now has four sets of drops that we administer 4 times a day.

We are back to the doctor in 2 weeks and will hopefully see additional progress.

Thank you all for your kindness and concern.

  • Martin B

    Encouraging is good, hoping for the best.

    • Thanks I was left in a far better mood than ever.

      • Clausewitz

        I lost sight in my right eye due to Diabetic retinopathy about 15 years ago. The eye’s can be tricky, but this sounds like very good news. I’m sure a good number of us will be preying for your family.

  • Dana Garcia

    Pirate Mom on the upswing — that’s what we like to see!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Great news and thanks for the update!

  • Glad to hear this and hoping for a steady recovery.

  • SDMatt

    Keep the good news coming.

  • Surele Surele

    Thank you for keeping us up to date. I do not know your Mom, but from the sketch of Pirate Mom, I just know she is a great lady. She is your Mom after all.

    • Yea, she OK;) When she’s not on the warpath.

      • Uncommunist


  • David Murrell

    Our prayers are with Pirate Mom. All the best for her.

  • LauraS

    Will say a prayer for a quick recovery and continued good news.

  • Maggat

    A hug from me.

  • ntt1

    Both of my parents are gone now and I had to help them as things failed. its not easy, my dad said (as he became a bedridden 95 year old) “but I’m still only 20 in my minds eye.” Its a sad day when you realize the strong person that guided you growing up is now so needy and ashamed of that need.

    • Yes it is very hard surrendering your independence.

  • Malcolm Y

    Glad that she’s doing better each time she visits the doctor.