Iraqi refugee sentenced to 11 years for raping Chinese students in Germany

A German court has sentenced an Iraqi asylum seeker to 11 years in prison for the “brutal rape” of two Chinese students who were studying at a local university.

“Eleven years is a tough sentence. However, it is the price for what the accused did to the absolutely innocent victims for no reason,” Volker Talarowski, judge at the town court in Bochum, western Germany, said as he pronounced the sentence. The public prosecutor’s office initially requested between 12 and 14 years behind bars for the offender.

  • Raymond Cameron

    He should have raped German girls. It is not consideded a crime for a “southerner”.

    • Watchman

      Probably not considered a crime within islam unless the girls were Uighur, the muslim ethnic minority in far-western China. Unfortunately, the incidence of rape against all unprotected females, muslim or not, by muslims is very high, its just that in many muslim countries the penalty for being raped means that very few females complain or even admit to being raped.

      Islam specifically allows rape of captured females.

  • mobuyus

    An “Asian” raping Asians, is that a crime in germany?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Yes it is because of all the Chines students paying full tuition at German universities.

  • ontario john

    Too bad he didn’t receive the sentence he would have received in China. A bullet in the back of the head, and his family would have to pay for the bullet.

    • Observer

      He’ll be out in no time and in the meantime the taxpayers have to pay for his care and feeding which they would have anyways.

      The polls are saying that Merkel in going to win more seats in the next election. What does that say about Germans?

  • Watchman

    Leniency given because he couldn’t understand Manadarin and thought they were consenting to his invitation for sexual intercourse? Both victims of the rapes were described by the court as “brutally raped.”

    “According to the regional chief prosecutor, Andreas Bachmann, the offender “has never demonstrated any signs of remorse” and never felt sorry for his victims, WAZ reports.”

    The rapist came to Germany as a refugee with his wife and two children and is the son of a Iraqi police officer(!). The first rape was committed after just 7 months in Germany.