Offenders in Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal ‘remain at large’

A former Greater Manchester police detective who resigned over the force’s handling of the Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal has claimed that offenders identified in the original investigation are still free to abuse young girls in the town.

Speaking before the airing of a new BBC1 drama, Three Girls – which tells the story of three victims in the 2012 Rochdale sex grooming case – Margaret Oliver said police had still not learned lessons and called for the law to be changed so that senior officers could be prosecuted for negligence.

  • tom_billesley

    Changing the law is an unnecessary delay.
    Police officers and social workers can be prosecuted for misconduct in public office which applies to both acts and omissions, and which has a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

    • WalterBannon

      “can be”

      but in reality “won’t be”

      the state is the enemy of the people

      justice is a sham

  • Editor

    If everyone on the right is a nazi, which seems to be the new SJW narrative these days, I declare everybody on the left, who supports PC culture, a child rapist. I have taken a page from the left’s handbook and freed myself from truth and logic.

  • Gary

    For the 8 years of Obama we saw the same types fear holding Obama to the same Moral bar as a white President because they to feared the racist label.
    The MSM now has a White Prez that they can bash every day .

    • Jason Rogers

      Actually they liked Obama because he wholeheartedly embraced the anti-White,anti-Christian agenda.Those in power created the White guilt nonsense to control us all.Behind it all are the atheist Jews who dominate wlth and media and control whole governments(U.S.,Britain,etc).

  • LairdKintyre

    Why can’t our modern leaders have the moral courage to deal with perverse cultures like this one as did those illustrious men of valour, such as Sir Charles Napier. Men who have the courage to call evil exactly what it is, and have no qualms about offending anyone.

  • Millie_Woods

    Greater Manchester. That’s a laugh.

  • ed

    he BBC banned any mention of islam in the making of this 3 part program [ fact ]