Mizzou likely to cut hundreds of positions amid expected 7 percent enrollment drop

Amid budget cuts and an anticipated 7.4 percent drop in enrollment, leaders at the University of Missouri-Columbia are expecting to trim about 400 positions.

Most of the jobs would be cut through attrition, with fewer than 100 layoffs projected. Interim Mizzou chancellor Garnett Stokes announced the budget details at a campus forum Monday.

Mizzou has already said it is expecting its smallest freshman class in two decades. The enrollment drop discussed Monday is the first estimate pertaining to the school’s entire enrollment.

  • canminuteman

    Only 7 percent?

    • Well I wonder about the rest of the ethnic makeup in that locale.

  • Gary

    I encountered a bossy type like that red head. One Saturday my small social group was to meet at about 11:30 am for a trip to an amusement Centre for a couple of hours and then stop for a quick light meal to chat and head home.

    The day wasn’t good for me by the work load I had so I drove to the meeting point to inform someone I could make it. While there , the bossy type that wasn’t in charge came to me and asked if I came by car and I said yes it is outside and it’s a Corolla.
    About 2 minutes later people start leaving and I’m about to head home which was about 10 minutes away thanks to the Highway. But as I start to leave there were two people that came to me and I said high as i walked by ….but they stopped me and said that they were told to go with me because I had a car.

    I wasn’t told they were coming with me which was because Mr.Bossy was too stupid to ask if I was going to the Centre to see who had a car with extra room to take people there.
    I’m stuck with 2 sad faces that have no way to get to the place and even if they took a taxi there wasn’t room to get them back. They asked me to drive them there for which I said that if i drive all the way there I might as well stay for the afternoon because it will cost me about 1 hour to get there and back home .

    I felt bad but told them to talk to the person that assumed I was going and didn’t tell me I had 2 passengers .
    My fear was that if i didn’t show up there would be the regular persons that would wait for me but didn’t have my phone number . There was no right answer other than showing up to say i wasn’t going …….but then Mr.Bossy shoots their mouth off and acts like the grade 3 teacher to take charge and ask questions later.

  • Dana Garcia

    Allowing your campus to be turned into a leftie terror training camp has its consequences.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Who could have foreseen a drop in the demand for useless, meaningless expensive degrees?

  • Editor

    Sweet, sweet shadenfreude.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      tee hee

  • Clausewitz

    The University should sue the red headed Hitler for lost revenues.