North Korean hacking group is thought to be behind cyber attack which wreaked havoc across the globe

A hacking group linked to North Korea is thought to be behind the cyber attack that wreaked havoc across the globe, according to security experts.

Analysts from security firms Symantec and Kaspersky revealed that they are looking into technical clues suggesting the Lazarus Group created the virus.

The ransomware – which encrypts victims’ files then demands a fee to unlock them – left Britain’s health service crippled as computer systems and phone lines across the country shut down on Friday.

The NHS is still struggling to get back on its feet following the attack, which means patients could have to wait a month or more to see a doctor after countless operations and appointments were cancelled.

  • simus1

    Microsoft suddenly got their shit together and issued an XP usable patch for the problem like they had done in March for newer operating systems. Guess they didn’t feel it would strain their resources that much compared to what would be needed to fight very angry large organizations on the warpath.