Review Course: The Birds and the Bees

The birds and the bees have got it right. There’s a male, there’s a female, there’s progeny. And the social organism thrives. In our heavily (and increasingly) sexualized culture, this appears to be less and less the case.

On any reasonable scale of values, sex is merely one of many human needs and preoccupations, fundamental but not exclusive. However, instead of simply acknowledging the natural binary and getting on with life, the focus is now on sex-related phenomena in any of their multiple forms and aberrations: sexual politics, sexual performance, sex education, sex scandals, same-sex marriage, sexual coercion (the rape culture meme), and – perhaps most notably – sex changes, cosmetic, chemical, and surgical. To top it off, the male-female divide has been reconceived as a “social construct” that must be unlearned, a relic of the oppressive and unenlightened past.