James Comey: Not Just Incompetent But He Placed American Lives at Risk

A record of political correctness in the war on terror.

FBI Director James Comey was incompetent and as FBI Director, his policies placed the lives of American citizens at risk. An in-depth look at his record as FBI Director reveals an incredible naivety toward the Islamic terror threat and a willingness to appease radical Muslims at the expense of protesting Americans. This piece will not address Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal or his failure to investigate the obvious illegal pay-for play schemes concocted by the Clinton Foundation.

Nor will it look at his failure to prosecute anyone associated with the IRS’s effort to silence hundreds of political groups during Obama’s reelection or his refusal to come clean about his knowledge of how numerous Americans were “unmasked” for having the audacity of associating with Donald Trump. No, this is just a peek at how the FBI under Comey handled the Islamic terrorist threat. Thanks to a lazy media, the popular image most Americans have of Comey is that he’s a superb administrator, a straight shooting Boy Scout and an Eliot Ness kind of guy who aggressively puts all the bad guys away.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    After so many potentially fruitful investigations were either non-starters or just stalled, I figured that he was as corrupt as anyone else in the Obama Administration.
    The thing I don’t get was why he lost his nerve with the Hillary emails, or why Trump didn’t fire his butt immediately on day one.
    Oh well, Trump works in mysterious ways. I have stopped second-guessing the man as he’s always working with better information than I have.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      I figure that Trump wanted his attorney general and deputies in place before lowering the boom on Comey.

    • Watchman

      Possibly because a day-One sacking of Comey would look like the start of vindictive campaign against Hillary to get her prosecuted and jailed regardless of evidence.

  • Watchman

    Did Comey discover the FBI would be unable to prove ‘Intent’ in any jihadist Islamist attack and conclude that no prosecutor would convict any muslim of a terrorist act so that all such terrorists caught would have to be freed immediately? The government’s inability to publicly attribute the cause and thus the intent of any muslim terrorist act in the USA tends to support this theory.