Trump Orders Preparation for Electric Grid Cyber Attacks

A presidential order signed Thursday directed key federal agencies to assess preparations for a prolonged power outage resulting from cyber attacks designed to disrupt the power grid.

  • Dave

    This has been discussed for several years now and finally someone is going to do something about it. And of course, it’s Trump! God knows the leftist f*cktards wouldn’t have the cajones to even contemplate protecting the basic way of life for US citizens.

    • About time someone got on this.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Look up NERC.
        Cyber security is mandated for electricity generation.
        Control systems, if they are new enough, are not connected to the internet. I’d say that many control systems built in the seventies and eighties face the greater threat of obsolete components.

    • Watchman

      That would have taken money away from politicians’ pork barrel projects. And they knew that should the unthinkable actually happen, people are going to be more interested in surviving than in hunting down politicians who had the power to do something about it.

  • Blind Druid

    An EMP attack must have been high on the radar during and way before Obama’s reign. Basic nuclear defence strategy. But I doubt that any hardened systems are in place to resist damage to civilian infrastructure, not so for gov’t war apparatus. As long as they can shoot back, they don’t care if we all starve to death. Because that is what will happen.

  • Gary

    The crisis for Obama was gays having Pizza after their wedding or the Trans washrooms in schools.

  • This is a smart idea.