Trump Derangement Syndrome: Better if American Revolution never happened!

Derangees want to be Justin’s pet bunnies. From Adam Gopnik at the New Yorker:

WE COULD HAVE BEEN CANADA: Was the American Revolution such a good idea?

The thought is taboo, the Revolution being still sacred in its self-directed propaganda. One can grasp the scale and strangeness of this sanctity only by leaving America for a country with a different attitude toward its past and its founding. As it happened, my own childhood was neatly divided between what I learned to call “the States” and Canada. In my Philadelphia grade school, we paraded with flags, singing “The Marines’ Hymn” and “Here Comes the Flag!” (“Fathers shall bless it / Children caress it / All shall maintain it / No one shall stain it.”) We were taught that the brave Americans hid behind trees to fight the redcoats—though why this made them brave was left unexplained. In Canada, ninth grade disclosed a history of uneasy compromise duality, and the constant search for temporary nonviolent solutions to intractable divides. The world wars, in which Canadians had played a large part, passed by mostly in solemn sadness. (That the Canadians had marched beyond their beach on D Day with aplomb while the Americans struggled on Omaha was never boasted about.) Patriotic pageantry arose only from actual accomplishments: when Team Canada won its eight-game series against the Russians, in 1972, the entire nation sang “O Canada”—but they sang it as a hockey anthem as much as a nationalist hymn.More.

Reality check: Actually, as one who was there at the time, I can say that Gopnik’s statement is flat out false. I remember the winning goal. I was coming back to my desk from getting a coffee and suddenly doors and windows opened all over and people were singing the national anthem – as a victory against the regimentation of communism. That’s how most people saw it.

Hockey was never sophisticated, elite, or progressive. That’s what made it great.

In real life, government-directed, tax-funded “Culture” has been a key reason Canada has never achieved any culture comparable to our resources. U.S. progressives, faced with continuously declining interest in their stuff, would love a system of praised and protected mediocrity like ours.

Ray of hope: Very few celebs who promised to move here if Trump was elected have done so.

See also: M-103: Petition to enable recall referendums in Canada. The mere prospect, in the imagination, of getting rid of the sharia law-friendly progressives before 2019 is invigorating even if nothing happens.