The UN’s Obsession against Israel

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) met once again on March 20 to debate “Agenda Item 7,” a mandatory subject of debate since June 2006, the only one whose goal is systematically to condemn the Israeli democracy for crimes the existence of which remain to be proven.

The agenda, officially designed to assess the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories, in the light of the reports submitted by Fatah, the PLO and various NGOs, is part of a wider campaign, carried out by countries such as Libya, Algeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen. Israel is thus the only country on the planet to benefit from the doubtful privilege of being scrutinized on the least of its actions, through an agenda decided by its enemies.

If it were only a question of expressing this obsession, born out of an old habit for the Arab-Muslim dictatorships to turn the Hebrew state into their scapegoat, responsible for all the misfortunes plaguing their societies, Agenda Item 7 would be a mere oddity, especially since the session is regularly boycotted by a majority of Western countries, and systematically by the United States.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Meanwhile even Trump seems to fantasies about so called “Palestinian”
    self determination, at least Mc Master says it.

    • Watchman

      It’s as a result of cultural projection, and assuming that all people have the same overall goals in life and behave in relatively rational ways because you do yourself. Trump obviously thinks that Falestinians want peace, safety, and to raise their children in such an environment under a culturally compatible government – but this is not so. If you read and believe what the Falestinians actually say, they want the Jews dead, the Jewish state destroyed and for their children to go to the muslim paradise instead of being happy on earth. Self-determination important only to the extent of not being ruled by their religion’s most despised enemy, the Jews.

      • vwVwwVwv

        i can just say yes.

  • J. C.

    The UN needs to go the way of the WTC…

    • Observer

      Stop feeding the parasites money and the United Nations will go along with the so-called legitimacy it provides, and those who live off of the UN’s avails will have to find other criminal pursuits.

      • J. C.

        Tell that to Justin…

        • Observer

          That is why Justin promised to increase Canadian taxpayer funding to the UN.

  • Starlord

    UN=Islam and fucktardery

  • Gary

    The hypocrisy for Liberals depends on when you ask them a question.

    Take for example the artsy fartsy Liberals in Downtown Toronto and the island People ( FLIP’s , F’in little island pricks) that had David Miller and Olivia Chow fought to stop the island Airport expansion for Jet engine Commercial planes .
    Miller cost the taxpayer close to $35,000,000.00 to NOT build a $19,000,000.00 Bridge to the Airport while his Harvard MBA diploma had him tell us that it was a Win Win deal.

    But lets go back to 2003 when Dennis Mills was a Liberal MP under Chretien. He was haled a genius and visionary for wanting to expand the Airport and build a New UN HQ Building on the Waterfront where Jets can avoid Pearson while Toronto would be a World Class city.

    **Over the years, Liberal MP Mr. Mills has been the champion of causes — some successful, some not — that always generated publicity. With others, he launched the Family Farm Tribute in 1999 and, more recently, mused about relocating the United Nations from New York to Toronto’s waterfront.****

    Liberals loves it when it was his idea but then Harper came in in 2006 where Miller was the Mayor of Toronto for another 4 more years and even brought Robert Kennedy jr to Toronto for a photo-OP as an Eco-Fascist that pushed the Global warm hoax and opposed the expanding the Airport runways for larger Commercial jets.
    Miller went to a GREEN base Law Firm and now rakes in the bags of money at the WFF-Canada. But he too was a hypocrite because he had Robert Kennedy jr fly in on a Private small jet but landed outside of the downtown to be Limo driven for his
    ” Let’s save the World ” speech al’a Leonardo Dicaprio whom just last year did his speech on Global Warming and flew off to David Geffen’s 454-foot mega-Yacht with Mariah Carey and were all pictured aboard this $590 million floating Carbon Footprint fuel eating monster that uses about 3 gallons per mile . This year the Obama’s were with Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks.

    Gotta love the Hollywood Liberals and Democrats that claim to care about the earth and want to overlook the depth of the crisis but do it from 20,000 feet in a Lear Jet or Gulf-stream IV .