The Handmaid’s Tale as fake news with a twist

From Brent Bozell at Townhall:

It’s based on a loopy 1985 novel by the radical feminist Canadian author Margaret Atwood, which imagines the United States quickly falling under a theocratic dictatorship based on its Puritan roots. America becomes a patriarchy called the Republic of Gilead. All women are deprived of their rights and forbidden to read. Due to environmental degradation, very few women can conceive a child, so a slave class of handmaids are created, whose entire purpose is giving birth. The handmaids wear dowdy red gowns (to represent menstrual blood) with large white bonnets that obscure their faces.

Liberals called this story “very timely” in 1985 and never stopped declaring it timely. On CBS, the TV series’ star Elizabeth Moss proclaimed: “When everyone signed on, it felt incredibly relevant. It was written in 1985, and it’s been relevant every decade since. I think it’s just in this country, there’s a relevance now that is striking everybody.”

When Hillary Clinton accepted the Champion of the Century award from Planned Parenthood, she referred to the book and show as a warning for feminist vigilance. Moss gushed on CBS that this was a “huge honor,” saying, “we all respect her so much.” For her part, Atwood said that after the 2016 presidential election, “the cast woke up in the morning and thought, we’re no longer making fiction — we’re making a documentary.” More.

Reality check: File the “documentary” under Trump Derangement Syndrome. The fact that not enough Americans were willing to buy into a Hillary Clinton presidency (because they had nothing to gain from it) is not the Republic of Gilead. Only a progressive seeking government funding and a crackdown on alternative media would think so.

The twist: None of Atwood’s dystopian crap happened. But sharia law, if permitted in Canada, will strip women of rights – and Cool people voted for the Liberals who outdid themselves making it possible. They and the Handmaids fans deserve it, but the rest of us maybe don’t.

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