Lawsuit Targets American Muslims for Palestine

A national anti-Israel group and several of its activists are “alter egos and/or successors” of a Hamas-support network that was found liable for an American teen’s death in a 1996 terrorist attack, litigation filed in Chicago federal court Friday claims.

After Stanley and Joyce Boim won $156 million in damages, defendants including the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) and the American Muslim Society (AMS) shut down and claimed to be unable to pay. It was a ruse, the Boims’ attorneys claim, as many of the same people opened up American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) at a nearby address.

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  • Agincourt

    “Plaintiffs Stanley Boim and Joyce Boim are United States citizens who reside in
    Jerusalem, Israel.”

    Using American courts for their rootless cosmopolitan lawsuit.

    Both plaintiff and defendants are foreign trash

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      who asked you, Bolsheviks ruined millions life with allegations
      to be cosmopolitan, communist troll!

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    Netanyahu: Jordan is playing both sides of the game
    Jordan fumes at Israel for killing terrorist, demands ‘explanation.’ Netanyahu: Jordan must condemn all terror.

    Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Jordan’s response to Saturday’s terror attack.

    “It is outrageous to hear the Jordanian government’s speaker support the terror attack which occurred today in Jerusalem’s Old City,” a statement from Netanyahu’s office said.

    “The security video clearly shows a Jordanian tourist stabbing an Israeli policeman with a knife.

    “It’s time Jordan stopped playing both sides of the game. Just like Israel condemns terror attacks in Jordan, Jordan must condemn terror attacks in Israel. Terror is terror.”

    Jordan on Saturday condemned Israel for killing terrorist Muhammed Kasaji, who stabbed an Israeli policeman in Jerusalem’s Old City on Saturday afternoon. The policeman was moderately wounded, suffering stab wounds to his upper body.

    Jordanian Minister of State Affairs Mohammed al-Momani said it was a “crime” to kill the terrorist, and that Jordan demanded Israel explain the act.Kasaji arrived in Israel as a tourist, but ran unprovoked at an Israeli policeman on Saturday afternoon, drawing his knife and stabbing the policeman in his upper body.

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      New Hevron mayor is a terrorist and murderer
      New mayor is a Fatah terrorist who killed 6 people in a 1980 terror attack, received a life sentence – and was freed during a prisoner swap.

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        Terror is evil everywhere and leaving a terrorist alive is wrong.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The Jordanian government resides in a glass house.