Somali Muslim thief fleeing US assaults border guard in Canada, claims he’s not violent

Why was he even allowed in the U.S. and why wasn’t he deported a long time ago?

  • David Murrell

    Typical CBC News article, this one sympathetic with violent illegal immigrant Muslims. And why does the CBC term “grand theft auto” a misdemeanor? Pure propaganda from the Ceeb.

    • WalterBannon

      When islamic terror starts to make Canada look like Sweden, I hope some CBC employees are among the first to be killed.

  • Dana Garcia

    For years, Washington would not deport Somalis because their dirtbag country didn’t have a real government.

    As if backward tribal types can cope with a properly functioning government…

    • Watchman

      Who cares. For thousands of years tribes managed their tribes without the need for national government, organising welfare, ethics, law and punishment themselves. Even with national government, many Africans would not know nor care side they still live their lives according to tribal custom and law. For many a national government is just another layer of oppression and taxation instead of providing consistent, benevolent, and impartial rule.

    • Pray Hard

      You’re ready for Takuan Seiyo’s articles on

  • Watchman

    I guess it wasn’t violence in his eyes since it was only against a female border guard who should have known her place. The female guard was probably a kuffar, making his violence not really violence in his muslim world view, it’s not like he was being violent against a real person like a muslim male border guard.

    • Gary

      It’s canada’s fault for allowing women to get jobs. The 1989 Montreal slaughter to 14 female students by Gamil Gharbi was a Jihad motivated crime where his suicide letter left behind had made it clear that he wanted to punish Canada for allowing women to get an Education and take the jobs men should be doing.

  • Pray Hard

    Read Takuan Seiyo’s articles on He has a lot to say about this sort of thing.
    Death to Islam.