Macron is the Peter Pan of Europe

Macron is everyone you want: left, right, center, hetero, homo, intellectual, pragmatic.

With 66% of electoral support, Emmanel Macron achieved an indisputable victory against Marine Le Pen. But the meaning of his victory is less clear.

A very small part of the voters embraced Macron’s vision of France. The majority voted mostly to block the way to Le Pen, who for various reasons is still massively rejected by the political class. Some see Macron as the spiritual brother of Justin Trudeau, even if he is less flamboyant. Macron wants to give optimism to his country. Those who are worried about populism will applaud him. Macron wants to be progressive. Those who have reservations about the globalization that deconstructs societies will be worried. Macron is comfortable with multiculturalism.