Hospital Daze…

For the last several days Mom has complained of a sore eye. Initially it looked no more irritated than Pink-eye.

But today it was far worse, she woke up with her left eye entirely discolored into a cloudy white mess accompanied by a milky discharge and a contracted pupil.

I called her ophthalmologist who unfortunately was out of town and was advised to head to ER.

So at noon off to St. Jo’s we went. The Doctor’s expressed concern but no ophthalmologist was available to consult.

The St. Jo ER doctor then made arrangements for us to see an ophthalmologist off site – the associate of my Mom’s doctor at the clinic we called first.

Off we went.

The Dr. did an exam and determined that Mom had a severe infection in the eye. Where it originated from is still up in the air as it may relate to glaucoma surgery she underwent some years ago.

Then began the long process of finding a hospital that could accept us.

After a couple of hours hunting Toronto Western came through. I was instructed to bypass ER and head straight to the 6th floor Eye clinic.

Except we couldn’t find an elevator that would let us off at the 6th floor. I’m not kidding.

We had to settle for getting off on 7 and finding another set of elevators that would drop us off at 6 , which of course meant hauling a 93 year old woman and her walker around half the hospital. Great fun.

We finally found our contacts. The diagnosis was made and the first step taken.

They froze the eye then injected antibiotics, freezing does not work as well with a bad infection I was told. The procedure was not pleasant to listen to.

We left the hospital at 9 pm and headed for home.

We have to return for 8 am on Friday morning. It is then that a decision will be made about surgery.

The Doctor is concerned Mom may lose the eye and says surgery is likely the only option.

It is a day procedure but that means we will be there all day till at least 5 PM I am told.

Mom is doing OK under the circumstances, plenty cussed which is a good sign. We removed her bandages and did our best to apply the drops they provided but her eye is a zombie like mess. We put on a patch and off to bed she went.

Please thank Nightmouse, Denyse, Black Mamba, Osumashi, Frau and  DB Cooper for keeping it all together.