Feminist Philosopher Censured for Questioning Uniqueness of Transgender Rights

A feminist philosophy professor has been pilloried by an outraged academy for suggesting that transgender rights are not substantially different from transracial rights, and if one can choose one’s gender, the same should apply for choosing race.

Although Prof. Rebecca Tuvel’s commonsense arguments are not new, they have elicited particular opprobrium because she represents the progressive academy and dared to publish them in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy.

  • The Phantom

    The big, groveling apology at Hypatia is hilarious. I posted the whole thing at my blog, in case they get embarrassed and take it down.

  • Leftist fruitcake progressives – the stupidity is hard to fathom.

    “Not all women have vaginas”.

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    • John Boy

      The descriptive phrase for “women without vaginas” is: “severely mentally ill men”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good good let them kill each other

  • vwVwwVwv

    to be called misogynist is a kind of honour this days, at least if you target feminism

  • simus1

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  • mobuyus

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  • Ego

    “Not All Women Have Vaginas”
    —But all men with a grade school knowledge of biology think they are nuts.

  • favill

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    The revolution devours its children … again.

  • DMB

    Some people get dumber as they get older. Which makes this child a lot smarter then those “adults”.