A racist note sparked protests at a Minnesota college. The school now says the message was fake.

The hate-filled note was allegedly found on a student’s windshield on April 29, and it contained an ominous warning:

“I am so glad that you are leaving soon,” the message said. “One less n‑‑‑‑‑ that this school has to deal with. You have spoken up too much. You will change nothing. Shut up or I will shut you up.”

Days of demonstrations against hate speech and canceled classes followed at St. Olaf College, a liberal arts school in Northfield, Minn.

There was only one problem: The note, as it turns out, was fake.

  • Editor

    Hey, hey BCF, you’re supposed to post when the vile, violent, racist, fascist notes are found. Not when they turn out to be hoaxes. Full front page coverage of the note, three line retraction on page 26. The fact it’s a hoax is supposed to go down the memory hole without fanfare. How are these poor kids supposed to sustain their “institutionalized racism everywhere” narrative if you actually post the truth?

    • Fact is these hoaxes are uncovered on weekly basis, somebody’s gotta do it!

      • Exile1981

        Hoaxes out number actual ones nearly 10 to 1.

  • These fake notes are never very clever. They lack imagination. Empathy, really. They always flatter the “victim”. “You have spoken up too much. You will change nothing. Shut up or I will shut you up.” – written by somebody who pictures herself as a fearless Truth To Power type and can’t help trying to dramatize herself that way. “You will change nothing.” She’s hallucinating some White Supremacist thinking “best keep them nigras down”. But, see, they can’t keep her down because she is an Agent Of Change. Like Martin Luther King. In this drama she’s the fearless underdog, and she’s so narcissistic that she can only imagine enemies who see her in those terms.

    (It is a she, right? Just guessing.)