Yes, Marine Le Pen’s Party Is Bad, But Islamization Is Worse

“…Le Pen’s opponent, Macron, has said nothing to indicate that he considers France’s Islamization a problem. On the contrary, if anything he’s an outspoken enthusiast for the Religion of Peace. According to former Le Monde journalist Yves Mamou, “Macron’s political movement has largely been infiltrated by Muslim Brotherhood militants.” Like the politicians in Stockholm who have done so much to drag Sweden down the drain, Macron has denied that his own country has a culture of its own that is worth defending: “French culture does not exist, there is a culture in France and it is diverse.”

Last October, after terrorist attacks in Paris and Nice, Macron, according to Reuters, “said…that France had sometimes made mistakes in unfairly targeting Muslims, suggesting the country could be less stringent in applying its rules on secularism.” Reuters quoted Macron verbatim: “No religion is a problem in France today.”

  • Malcolm Y

    Bad? How?

    • Referring to the socialist aspect of the party’s platform and the anti-semitism of the party’s founder.

      • Alain

        This is the usual drive-by smear campaign generalising everything as bad. They cannot point out a single policy in the platform and explain why and how it is bad. The party’s founder is history and there is no evidence that those views have been carried on with Marine or the party. As for the socialist aspect, that is Europe. Socialism to some degree seems to be ingrained in the DNA of Western Europeans, as unfortunate as that is.

        I should clarify that I am not contradicting your comment but am addressing the propaganda by the globalist industry.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Macron sounds as he is a dumb as Trudope.

    • David Murrell

      They seem quite similar: pro-Islamist, pro-war crime, pro-organized crime — and indeed both deny that their respective countries have any core identity.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It won’t be long before reality bites Macron in the ass … hard.

    • WalterBannon

      Unless you are saying that his head will end up on a pike, I doubt that whatever comes will bother him in the least bit

  • When there is no good in sight, at least opt for the lesser evil.

  • Linda1000
  • LairdKintyre

    Monsieur Macron. The World comes to France to see and hear and experience what France and French Culture (Yes it does indeed exist) is about. They do not come to France to partake in your diversity buffet.

    • Are you suggesting that if I visited Paris, I might want to see Paris? As in France?

      I guess I’m not clear on the concept. Silly me.