The Holy War Against Immigration Controls

No restrictions or travel bans whatsoever, the enlightened now insist.

The dispute is more than constitutional. Since January, unrestricted immigration has become a holy cause for liberals. For Trump antagonists, stoked by media and academic leaders, detesting the travel ban is an act of faith and piety.

  • Alain

    It could be worthwhile to place a travel ban and even house arrest on these liberals, unless they are willing to take a one-way trip to Mexico or even better Cuba. One cannot help noticing that these same liberals make sure to live far away from all the diversity that illegals offer and even in gated compounds but believe they are entitled to force it on the rest of the population.

  • Dana Garcia

    Democrats learned from the last election that the American people cannot be browbeaten into voting for a Hillary-bad liberal. So foreigners must be imported to do the stupid voting Americans just won’t do.

  • Dana Garcia

    Tucker reviews the growing strength of the open-borders movement.