Sargon: The SPLC Denounces Kekistan

  • Tom Forsythe

    How does the SPLC keep missing you? Should I send them some links?

  • robins111

    I don’t think those arseholes at the SPLC realise what they’re getting into when they start pissing around with those nerds at 4chan who created Kek and Pepe.
    They’re pretty brutal and unforgiving when they target someone or an organization. They’ll start by mocking and humiliating then move on to catastrophic fucking their enemy over.
    I know that they are aware that the SPLC has started their usual shtick with insinuation and innuendo against them, As such, their new meme war has begun
    Buy popcorn

    • kkruger71

      4chan is on a steady winning streak. I really do hope they turn their attention to a larger target like the SPLC in force.