Front National’s not finished: Party could win up to 111 seats in French election

MARINE Le Pen’s Front National could win up to 111 seats in France’s parliamentary election, according to experts.

The hard right party, buoyed by Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign, is expected to make major gains during next month’s vote.

French newspaper Le Monde says the Front National (FN) could win up to 111 constituencies in the two round first past the post system.

  • Liberal Progressive

    I don’t think George Soros will permit that.

  • WalterBannon

    Will believe it when it happens. Even then, it will not be enough to save France from Islam

  • Spatchcocked

    I predict Macrons tenure in leading government will be rather tumultuous….if he continues his muzzie loving ways in power then the public opinion dam will burst.
    This will happen sooner than later.
    Trumpomania can arrive at any hour.
    This gallant though excitable people are primed for solutions to their dilemma.