Vatican to investigate Belgian Catholic hospitals for deciding to euthanize sick people

BELGIUM, May 9, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The Vatican has launched an investigation into Catholic psychiatric care centers in Belgium run by a Catholic order after it quietly approved euthanasia for patients earlier this year.

The Vatican’s Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin is running the investigation of the Brothers of Charity after the board of the Brothers’ institutions made a decision to allow a doctor to kill their patients who “suffer.”

The head of the Brothers of Charity, Brother Rene Stockman, had strongly opposed the decision to begin euthanizing patients. It was he who brought the matter to the attention of the Vatican as well as Belgium’s Catholic bishops.

It was the Catholic Church in Germany that forced the Nazi’s to cease the practice of murdering the disabled, at least for awhile. When word spread that the practice was being revived about a year after their initial success Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. The Church was all for a shot at the Bolsheviks and stood down from their admirable stance out of a sense of patriotism.

This photo originates from a film produced by the Reich Propaganda Ministry. It shows two doctors in a ward in an unidentified asylum. The existence of the patients in the ward is described as “life only as a burden.” Such propaganda images were intended to develop public sympathy for the Euthanasia Program.

  • If by investigate, one means excommunicate, have at it.

    • FactsWillOut

      They can start by excommunicating Hippy Frankie.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Murdering people in psychiatric hospitals is one of the so-called “crimes against humanity” that was one of the things that made us better than the Nazis.
    So, we are either becoming more like the Nazis due to the secularization of society, or the Nazis were just not that bad in the first place.
    Take your pick.

    • FactsWillOut

      The NAZIs, at least, had pride in their heritage and culture, unlike current western society.
      We are only adopting the worst aspects of the NAZIs.

    • They must identify with the “Good Nazis”

      • BillyHW

        Are those as common as the “Good Feminists”?

  • FactsWillOut

    Compared to contraception, euthanasia and abortion are non-issues.

  • Watchman

    Once the government is paying for health with taxpayer money, everyone is subject to the government having a say in how that money is spent (or not spent). This includes pushing the population to ease the burden on the public purse to minimise this cost, up to and including government help with suicide or euthanasia.

  • BillyHW

    I’m amazed at the speed and efficiency with which the Vatican bureaucracy works.