Teaching Racism in K-12 Classrooms

Teachers at Highlands Elementary, a school in Edina, Minnesota, are indoctrinating five-year-olds in order to radicalize them and encourage them to become activists obsessed with race.

Public school teachers across America already saturate students with information about racial injustice in America in a nonstop barrage of historic facts and ahistorical nonsense. And in the culture at large, the media, politicians, and the entertainment industry can’t stop talking about race. The last thing any young student in America needs is to be taught about is race. Race matters only to radicals.

Leftists believe you have to get ’em while they’re young and impressionable.

  • marty_p

    Breaking News – Canadian Senator Don Meredith resigns from the senate.
    Starts his $25K pension.

    • Why aren’t pensions held up for referenda? If the majority thinks that X politician doesn’t deserve one, he can only walk away with $10 grand for whatever work he’s done.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope they criminalize the publicly funded education of white people soon.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It the job of teachers to bring down the capitalist racist Islamophobic eurocentric cis-gender male hegemony so we can all be enriched by the joys that communism has brought to so many over the past century!

    • Clausewitz

      Not all, but sadly enough to cause problems. In our school we call them the English Department.

      • Observer

        And social studies!

        • Anon E. Mouse

          York Memorial Collegiate’s social studies classes in Toronto are known for bringing in OCAP, BLM and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid speakers to recruit their students, with teachers telling the students that 40 hours of volunteering with such groups will count in getting their high school diplomas!

          The Principal doesn’t even care if the speakers have criminal records.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Be honest. The education sector in Canada was taken over by women decades ago. Hence, today’s snowflakes. It’s obvious to all but the wilfully blind.

        • Clausewitz

          That’s why I went into teaching. I was sick and tired of seeing young men abused by the Female hierarchy. Been fighting for a long time. Time for some else to pick up the banner and charge on.

  • Dana Garcia

    Schools are needed to teach the liberal ideology of victimhood now that society is becoming more fair to various tribes. If people are hacked off at law and order, how can you get them to vote Dumbocrat?

  • Abolish teachers’ unions.

    • Clausewitz

      Hear, Hear……..