Muslims detonate two suspected car bombs wounding at least 40 people at a department store in Thailand

Dozens of people have been injured in a double bombing, believed to have been set off by Muslim separatists, in front of a supermarket in Thailand.

The blasts happened in the southern city of Pattani in the latest attack in the predominantly Buddhist country.

The latest attack happened at around 2pm local time, with two bombs going off in quick succession outside a supermarket near the city centre.

  • ontario john

    I’m glad we are protected by the media and politicians here in Sunny Ways Canada, from such islamophobic stories.

    • Damn right.

      • ontario john

        Lets have some more heart warming stories of muslim babies being named Justin Trudeau.

  • John Boy

    It that why its called the Religion of Pieces?

  • lgeubank

    Even Thailand is not free from the bloodthirsty medieval heathen trash. What could be more alien to Thailand than Islams? Yet the filthy vermin think they’re entitled to commit mayhem even there.

  • BillyHW

    This is because of Israel, right?