M-103: Petition to enable recall referendums in Canada

From David Nitkin at Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms here:

This may be the most important official Parliamentary Petition you and I will sign with the power to affect the Trudeau Liberals and shake their support for M-103. MPs jobs will be on the line if they go forward with M-103. It is a Parliamentary E-Motion which carries much more weight than a change.org public petition. Please consider signing it immediately and promoting it today to every like-minded citizen you know. You must sign before 26 July 2017. More.

Reality check: The prospect of getting rid of them before 2019 is invigorating even if nothing happens.

See also: Claim: Canadian public doesn’t want sharia law (?) If that’s true, why hasn’t Justin! Justin! been forced to resign?  Why is his party in power?