M-103: Petition to enable recall referendums in Canada

From David Nitkin at Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms here:

This may be the most important official Parliamentary Petition you and I will sign with the power to affect the Trudeau Liberals and shake their support for M-103. MPs jobs will be on the line if they go forward with M-103. It is a Parliamentary E-Motion which carries much more weight than a change.org public petition. Please consider signing it immediately and promoting it today to every like-minded citizen you know. You must sign before 26 July 2017. More.

Reality check: The prospect of getting rid of them before 2019 is invigorating even if nothing happens.

See also: Claim: Canadian public doesn’t want sharia law (?) If that’s true, why hasn’t Justin! Justin! been forced to resign?  Why is his party in power?

  • ontario john

    Feminist Trudeau can even turn a natural disaster into a great photo op. I love the media coverage of him bravely filling a sand bag at a flood area in Ontario. Yes our feminist Trudeau is single handed saving Canadians from flood waters. He is so cool and wonderful. Although I hope he didn’t wreck his fancy skin treatment.

    • mobuyus

      Eco-friendly liberal moisturizing creams protect his soft clammy hands,

  • k2

    Signed. Ah, recall legislation, recall legislation: What a wonderful dream come true that would be! Perhaps while we’re at it, we might consider more referendums to create something like a Swiss-style direct democracy? Allow me to dream for a little while ….

    • Alain

      Also signed (awaiting e-mail to finalise) and agree.

  • Petitions do no good. The government we have is one step away from a
    totalitarian one. Once Motion 103 develops into a law (and it will), we
    will be like Iran.

    • Alain

      I still think it is worthwhile to keep at it from every angle, then at least we can say we did our best to change things.

      • But only if it works.

        The best thing is no-confidence vote. That is the only thing that can save this country.

        • JPfromtheeast

          Sadly, due to the design of our government and constitution, you are correct.

          In pretty much every parliamentary common law nation, when a majority government is elected, you are in a 4-5 year dictatorship. Immediately. Technically, the crown can dissolve government at any time but where the GG is a position of almost pure perfunctory nature.

          This is why, even if you are super proud of Canada, the US republic system is THE best option. Especially if it is pre-elected senate. Division of powers and TRUE checks and balances on power is the only thing that can protect the masses or at least allow for a system of blocks or speed bumps.

          I still signed the petition 🙂

          And also, Vive Maxime!

          • There will be no 2019 election if something is not done now.

          • Alain

            In spite of the admiration for the American system, it is clear that they still face the same problems as we do. Obama was able to give it the finger with his multiple executive orders, and now Trump is unable to use the power of his office that is constitutional and has been used in the past due to judicial activists.

            The fact is that when the rulers are corrupt and dishonest it will always produce a society of chaos, civil strife, dishonesty and theft. This was recognised by the ancient Chinese long, long ago. As the saying goes, the snake rots from the head. I cannot see this changing without either a major civil war or revolution.

  • Alain

    Concerning the petition, I am wondering if others who signed had to wait long before receiving the e-mail where you must click a link in order to finalise signing the petition. I am still waiting for the e-mail and find it unusual.

    • vimy

      Received mine within seconds.

      • Alain

        Just got mine so it is done.

  • iamnowon

    You do understand this is an NDP-sponsored bill, yes?

    • vimy

      Doesn’t bother me.

    • Alain

      I saw that, but so what? If something is valid and worthwhile, why would you toss it out simply due to the originator? I also made sure to check the wording to be certain before signing.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        Sometimes the NDP has a good idea, but I still vote conservative. I signed the petion.

        • Alain

          Same here. I have never ever voted NDP and never will any more than I would vote Green. I voted earlier in our provincial election and only hope the NDP does not get in. Each time they have in the past they quickly managed to ruin the economy and then little by little all the corruption and scandals started appearing. Sadly the closest to anything Conservative is the BC Liberal Party, which at least is a far cry from the Ontario Liberals.

          • iamnowon

            The problem I have with these kind of motions is that it strikes me as a thinly-veiled attempt by a party that will never hold federal government to have some means to put the blocks to parties likely to hold power, by sticking it to their MPs via pseudo-impeachment. It reeks of ulterior motive.

  • Gary

    Trudeau won with just 39% of the votes while muslims are about 3% of the population. We know that the vast majority of pre-9/11 muslims came to canada to get away from islam’s sharia and oppression.
    The 600,000 post-9/11 have had a large number that are pro-sharia and aren’t here to be Canadian and live among equals.

    This means that the muslims behind the Neo Crusades are still a minority among the 3% but have a huge Hammer which I’m guessing was imported by the Saudi’s and ISIS that has Justin becoming an Islamophile and bring Sharia or our soil.