Archbishop of Canterbury Urges Seat for Hamas Terrorists at Peace Talks

In order for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks to succeed, a seat at the negotiating table may be needed for the Hamas terrorist group, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has warned.

Welby, on a 10-day tour of the Holy Land, spoke to the Guardian newspaper after visiting Hamas strongholds in the Gaza Strip. The terrorist group has long called for Israel’s total destruction and rejects the Jewish state’s right to exist as it backs “armed struggle” against it.

  • One would ask that the Archbishop refrain from legitimising Hamas but why bother?

    Leftists are stunningly stupid.

    • Starlord

      Hello we are sheep would the wolf like to come into our pen and play? Fucktardery

    • It is hard to imagine how the leftist PC fools can be so stunningly ignorant of reality.

      I dare the Archbishop of Canterbury (to try) to open a new church location in Gaza.

      • He’ll try.

        He won’t succeed, however.

        • Watchman

          H’e probably blame the Jews for such a failure, citing the anger of the Gazans against the Jews creating the atmosphere that prevents Christians from building churches.

          • Leftists perform such feats of logical gymnastics to explain away their ridiculous beliefs.

      • Dink Newcomb

        Some where else tonight, I read an article reporting that a muslim cleric (a religiously inspired murder instructor in Saudi Arabia, I believe) is demanding that the world soccer organization make it illegal for catholic players to make the sign of the cross in thanks whenever they make a play. You know, the way muslim true heroes call out allahu akhbar whenever they convert peaceful people into piles of raw bleeding meat cooling off in the sun.

  • The Butterfly

    You can always count on the Archbishop of Canterbury to make the Pope look good.

  • Martin B

    The Archbishop of Canterbury will get a seat in Hell. With Hamas.

  • Clink9

    The term “shit eater” comes to mind.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    So typical of these meddling ignoramuses.

  • Solo712

    I wonder sometimes what these vicars of Christ really believe. Like, Hamas crucifies people, right? So, does the archbishop not see a moral or doctrinal problem with making deals with Satan?

    • marty_p

      It’s simple – in their eyes Jews are the ultimate evil and as such teaming up with a lesser evil to do harm to the greater evil is logical.

      • If it weren’t for Jews, we wouldn’t have Christmas.

        Thank you, Jesus.

  • simus1

    Is he wall – eyed?
    Given his interest in making sure arab gangster-terrorists get a fair shake, let him permanently move to gaza and thus be on top of the situation at all times.

  • Hard Little Machine

    ISIS should get several seats in Commons.

    • Watchman

      Give it time and you will have your wish.

  • Dink Newcomb

    I’m sorry, but have we not been there before and the disgusting brutes slipped the leash as they walked out the door?