San Francisco Chronicle Admits: Some Anti-Trump Protesters are Paid

Despite the left’s attempt to deny it, some anti-Trump protesters are indeed paid to show up — including those from a growing number of tech companies who are paying their employees to participate in anti-Trump rallies.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on Saturday, in an article titled “Bay Area demonstrators may be paid to protest, by employers,” that the “common accusation lobbed at liberal protesters” that “they’re being paid to protest” is at least partially based in fact.

  • Or they are all paid to smash windows, ect.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I always find out about leftist tactics when they project them on our side.
      For instance, Pelosi called the Tea Party astroturf.
      The Liberals accused the Conservatives of voter suppression.
      Paid commenters and paid protestors are always required by the left.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Thug is a legitimate job title in San Fran.

  • Dana Garcia

    Of course the anti-Trumps are paid. How else would the have time to produce all their ugly papier-mache crap?

  • Observer

    If it wasn’t for George Soros’ money would Thug Lives Matter even exist?

    • dance…dancetotheradio


  • Gary

    In Toronto , Wynne has CUPE and OPSEU getting Paid to campaign for her by their Paid days Off so that the Media gets fooled to think that those 4000 protesters are the Working Class voters in the Private sector employment.
    But it’s the same faces because all of the Seniority Members are the White males and White women prior to the flood of non-white to canada and the “Diversity” quota system where the Gov doesn’t hire the smart hard working Whites anymore .

    I’m not fooled by Sid Ryan’s rants about how great Unions are for defending Rights for women and non-whites. In around 1942 there were close to 26,000 Auto Workers ( UAW) that walked off the job not to fight for Black employees Rights…..but to protest that 3 Black men were promoted up to a higher paying Assembly Line job which the UAW
    treats as ” White Jobs ” .
    It took to the mid 1950’s for women to get Assembly jobs outside of Nepotism job , then it took a little longer before a Black women got an Assembly Line job with White and Black males.
    Today we see these Unions have such a fear of islamic terrorism that they give Muslims employees what they want to favour islam but then bash the jews and fought to kick Jesus out of the Public schools.

    Ontario’s Liberal party has bought the OPP, TDSB, CUPE, the Toronto Police, OPSEU , Fire Fighters, and everyone in the Welfare Industrial Complex.

  • roccolore

    None of the anti-Trump people seem to have jobs. They appear at every protest.