PM Justin Trudeau, don’t patronise terror

The post-colonial colonial practice of the Indian bureaucracy is to fawn on the white foreigner while being derisive towards the brown (and in the case of South Indians, if we are to believe Tarun Vijay, black) native. Hence it is almost a given fact that apart from private and muted expressions of disquiet, there will not be any action by the MEA concerning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada. This despite the man endorsing (through his enthusiastic participation in a Toronto event) the separation of Punjab from the rest of India, which is the sole and the oft-stated objective of the Khalistan movement. The speeches of the other participants in the “Free Khalistan” gathering that had him as the star participant made clear that their intention was to “struggle for the achievement of Khalistan”.

Not loved everywhere…

  • ismiselemeas

    Sikhism is as much a makey uppy cult as islam. It looks like a cult, walks like a cult and talks like a cult. It’s a cult. Its distilled form, the Khalistan movement, is responsible for the world’s worst act of aviation terrorism, as well as being Canada’s worst terrorist atrocity to date. That the terrorists are openly lauded in gurdwaras across this country and most notably in BC should be cause for concern for everybody. The Liberals, however, have made it into an electoral rallying call. That is either incompetence on a par with CSIS or treason.

  • simus1

    That has got to be a wig. Right?

  • SMC_BC

    I can’t wait to find out if male pattern baldness is hereditary.

  • Everyone Else

    From a friend in India:

    “The man does not know the chicken salad of civil society groups from the chicken …. of terror outfits. Heaven help Canada”

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    Dim wit and a dim bulb