Macron is president – but he starts out under a deep cloud of suspicion

Sunday night’s extravagant celebration of Emmanuel Macron’s ascension to the presidency of the fifth republic will draw le tout Paris but not everyone will be celebrating. The 2017 presidential campaign has left very few voters outside the Parisian bubble satisfied. While the bien pensants celebrate, millions of voters have been left in a sour mood, neither convinced that the country will now be piloted in a better direction, or even that the election itself was wholly legitimate. The result, while not quite North Korean, does leave an uncomfortable aftertaste.

  • John Boy

    You really don’t want to question Macron publicly if you don’t want to go before a Sharia court!

  • LairdKintyre

    I’ve given up on Europe. Given the state of Europe and the world as a whole especially since nine eleven, I was thinking finally, here is an opportunity for strong national states to assert themselves again. And a chance to stop the unsustainable policies like mass migration destroying Europe. It seemed possible. But the Netherlands let me down. France let me down. No doubt Germany will too. How much more destruction of our societies will it take to wake people up? Or is it already too late? With Brexit I see a small glimmer of hope for Britain but that’s about it. Looking more and more like America is truly alone. I do home my Canada, the one I grew up in reasserts itself and stands with America in 2019. As for Europe, they can enjoy the fools socialist paradise they choose. They can live with forced feedings of muticultalism and mass migration till their economies and societies drop to Third World status for all I care.

  • Armaros

    The French are not the British nor the Hungarians.
    To them, the EU is not a foreign power ruling over them.
    It is their new Empire.
    They see it as theirs.
    To ask the French to vote against the EU is like asking them to relinquish that perceived power.
    Had LePen made her arguments within an European context,she may be president now.

  • Spatchcocked

    Someone noted that Merkel May and Macron have no children……I find that significant somehow….perhaps that is why they are so cold bloodedly clinical about the future…….there’s no emotion in their deliberating or debate.

  • Canadian Born

    No different than Canada. We have a moron in Canada, opening Canadian borders to Muslims and their religion and now France will have the same as we have. There seems to be no hope for either of these countries and who do we have to thank for this, are the morons that voted them in. Boy do we need the ancestors from before, to fight for this country now.

  • Uncommunist

    Arab man records himself illegally swiping all the Le Pen ballots on offer at his polling station in suburban Paris so no one can vote for her.