Girl Scout Who Confronted Neo-Nazi Admits Immigrants May Rape Her, Says She’ll Get Over It

On this side of the globe, the biggest controversy in scouting is whether or not a Girl Scout is biologically female. The Girl Scouts in the Czech Republic, however, have much bigger fish to fry. This past May Day, much ado was made about one Czech Scout, Lucie Myslikova, who dared to confront a Neo-Nazi demonstrator while wearing her scouting uniform.

  • reidjr

    Rape is not like a cold you don’t get over it.

    • deplorabledave

      These people are degenerate. I don’t think things like rape effect them the way it would a normal person, except if they were killed in the process.

      • LairdKintyre

        Moldylocks, comes immideatly to mind. To these Leftists the sanctity of ones sexuality means nothing. Look at the disgusting garbage porn she came up with. In the girl scouts warped mind she probably thinks she would deserve to be raped. That it would be some sort of repentance or punishment she would offer to some in her eyes a disadvantaged oppressed migrant. These Leftists are certifiable.

    • (slow clap)

  • Maurice Miner

    She is a bit old for my tastes (well over 9), but yumm! – a Girl Scout uniform!

    Inshallah, we have more virgins for our dispossessed invading mujihadeen – sorry, Syrian refugee teenagers.

  • H

    But some feminists claim that degraded, lecherous white guys from the Western Patriarchy rape them with their eyes – that’s clearly worse than actual rape.

    • LairdKintyre

      Of course. Because we are oppressors because we are the descendants of Europeans who built the Free Western Civilization we live in. Therefore we are pure evil and are systematic oppressors and racists no matter what we do. Whereas the middle eastern migrant can do no wrong. Even if he beats and rapes a woman of the Left, she will feel she deserved it. Leftists are like psychotic mental patients, they would rather put themselves through mind destroying he’ll and endure suffering rather than give up their delusions.

    • Because confronting actual abuse of women takes effort and compassion which post-modern feminists lack in truckloads.

  • UCSPanther

    I’d like to put her in a room full of wartime rape survivors (Eastern Front, Pacific Theater, Bangladeshi War of Independence, Balkans, various other conflicts) and see if she has the nerve to repeat her claim that you can “get over rape”.

  • Get over it?

    Perhaps this silly child would like to talk to rape victims who haven’t yet “gotten over it”.