Fear Of Islam Should Not Enable Female Genital Mutilation Inside The United States

Two Michigan doctors and a spouse are being charged in the nation’s first federal criminal prosecution involving female genital mutilation (FGM), and the State Department wants to make sure we don’t get the wrong idea.

“When we think of female genital mutilation, we usually think of African cultures and non-Christian religions,” says A. Renee Bergstrom, a 72-year-old white woman, in a newly-released State Department video. “However, my FGM took place in white, Midwest America. FGMC (female genital mutilation/cutting) is global in scope. It cuts across race, religion, geography, and socio-economic class.”

  • Killer Marmot

    Well there’s a headline that should never have needed to be run.

  • David Murrell

    In a recent BCF post, the New York Times now refuses to use the term “female genital mutilation”, presaging liberal support for this barbaric crime.

    • Clink9

      Now it’s referred to as “take away all the fun in sex”.

  • Alain

    I expected better than the blatant pack of lies spewed by Bergstrom under a Trump administration. She must consider everyone else too stupid to know what BS that is.

  • BillyHW

    Burkas and clitorectomies are the logical end result of feminism and women’s suffrage.

    • David Murrell

      Especially in totalitarian Muslim countries where no one votes, you moron.

  • Martin B

    Let’s look at the map shall we. Anyone see any connections to religion, race and geography?

  • deplorabledave

    It’s only a “nick” the black doctor said so.

  • Frances

    Who’s this Renee Bergstrom and under what conditions did she have FGM? Transgender surgery perhaps?

  • bob e

    Whatever the powers that be dictate. Mebbe’ it will even catch on on some College Campuses ..