Burqa-wearing wife of ISIS recruiter charged with disrespectful behaviour in court after she ‘REFUSED to stand for a judge NINE times’

The burqa-wearing second wife of a former Islamic State recruiter will appear in court next month for refusing to stand for a judge on nine separate occasions within a week.

Moutiaa El-Zahed has been charged with nine counts of disrespectful behaviour in court, the first person in New South Wales charged with the offence.

  • H

    The creature from the black lagoon … run for your lives!

  • Ed

    And then she’ll appeal the ruling, claiming whoever was under that burka refusing to stand, it wasn’t her.

  • LairdKintyre

    So many examples.of grateful immigrant success stories all around us. Sure makes me feel good as a taxpayer seeing a story like this first thing in the morning before 7am on my way to work.

  • Editor

    C’mon New South Wales. “Community cohesion”, tolerance, cultural relativism and reasonable accommodation means your values and traditions don’t mean shit. Bend the knee or the accusations of bigotry and every phobia and “ism” in the book will fly!

  • moraywatson

    Wow, what resolve (not) from the Aussie courts. Failing to stand is considered the insult ???!!! Meanwhile the muslima spits continuous disrespect in the eye of the court (and all the rest of us) by wearing its hideous burka to project its totalitarian supremacist disdain for infidels. Charge it the for disrespect of its covered face, otherwise whether it stands or not is irrelevant.

  • Barrington Minge

    She should be on the first plane to Soddy Barberia. They will teach her how to behave.

  • Jim ….

    Proof positive that
    “Immigration without assimilation is invasion.” Bobby Jindal

  • De-cloak her as one would a Romulan vessel.

    • ismiselemeas

      You just won the internet today.

  • Halal Bacon

    If she came from some other country, deport her. If she’s from Australia, throw the book at her. Either way I hope the court doesn’t let her appear in court without showing her face. That could be anybody in that body bag, maybe a jihadi looking to blow himself up or smuggle in a ceramic knife to kill the judge with.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Get a number of ladies to strip the tent off her(in public). Then jail her!

  • db

    How can we be sure that’s even her? She could have sent someone else in her place and we would never know….

  • Barrington Minge

    I now seriously doubt whether there is a human being under that sack. Let’s face it. no normal, sane person would choose to dress up like that. I suspect that the “Grim Reaper” will be very offended by this.