The officers who protect Britain’s nuclear power plants

Since 2005, every nuclear power station in the UK has had armed protection – the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. But why does such security exist, and what does the job entail?

“In the years after the 9/11 attacks in America, a decision was taken in the UK to increase security at British facilities. The old force, the Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary – which was established in 1955 and which did not protect power stations – was replaced in 2005 by the CNC. It stations armed officers at all non-military nuclear sites, a level of protection that hadn’t been present before.

Is there an aspect of civil society not burdened by the weight of costs imposed upon it by Islam’s presence?

  • Watchman

    Yes, but what happens if an attack occurs outside working hours or on a weekend? Do they leave the janitor a phone number to call if there is an attack?

  • Editor

    I propose a new slogan to replace the left current platitude; ” Diversity is our burden”.

  • BillyHW

    I’m just glad that diversity doesn’t cost us anything.

  • Blacksmith

    “Is there an aspect of civil society not burdened by additional costs imposed upon it by Islam’s presence?”
    Why no, No there is not, the death cult infests everything with more cost, more pain and more suffering.

    • Alain

      We already had enough with our radical communists and eco-fascists committing acts of terrorism, but that wasn’t enough. Now not only is society burdened by additional and increasing costs, but we all suffer from having to endure “security checks” for travel and an increasing number of other events and places. Still if you want to wear a burqa and hijab you can just waltz right through without any of those personal violations and inconveniences.

  • canminuteman

    We have the same in Ontario. I work in nuclear and when I started there was one guard who stood by the door when I went to work. There is now a massive barbed wire fence around the place and getting in in the morning is like going through airport security. I don’t know the numbers but there is probably the equivalent of a large, very heavily armed mechanized infantry platoon on duty around the clock. Most of the guys in this roll are ex military and police and they do a lot of training. These guys are multiple orders of magnitude above your average rent a cope. I wouldn’t consider messing with them.