Read All About That Crappy Mexican Streetcar Maker That Sucks Your Tax Dollars

Yup, that’s a TTC Streetcar crash, new versus old technology.

The Star has a good expose of how bad the Bombardier Streetcar fiasco really is.

PM Vote Whore Justin gave them another 372 Million of our money recently.

  • marty_p

    It seems Mexican engineering and production of hardware rivals the stuff coming out of China for not being “goodly quality for happy customer”.

    • You said it!

    • SDMatt

      The TTC should have ordered through AliExpress: the shipping is slow but not this slow.

  • SDMatt

    Is there anything in this country that isn’t propped up by subsidy and/or monopoly? Bombardier, milk marketing boards, Bell & Rogers, Quebec, Ontario for that matter, airlines, banks . . .

    • John Boy

      At this rate, next will be government funded mosques.

  • simus1

    Big city leftist vote whores like Miller, plus the Ontario crowd, playing games with rent seeking towns, rent seeking unions and rent seeking contractors never ends well. Surprised they didn’t opt for eco friendly horse drawn trams with solar panel lighting to cover hours of darkness.
    If it snows a lot in your town, streetcars should never be bought, simple concept.
    Except in Hogtown.