Boko Haram ‘planning to kidnap westerners’, Foreign Office warns

The terror sect Boko Haram is “actively planning to kidnap” westerners to raise ransom money, the Foreign Office has warned.

It issued new travel advice for Nigeria after receiving reports that the group was plotting the kidnaps in the north east of the country.

America also warned its citizens about the risk, which it said was based on “credible” information. Both countries said the affected area is in the Bama local government area of Borno state, close to the border with Cameroon.

  • Minicapt

    Time for Nigeria to set up ‘Special Operating Areas’, and invite outside Special Forces units to conduct Boko Harem Safaris.


    • Dave

      With video feed I should hope.

  • Watchman

    Time for SJWs to go on Nigerian field trips to help out the locals and root out rogue white patriarchy and homophobes. Their reward will then hopefully be an extended stay courtesy of the local Nigerian BLM who will then be able to demonstrate religious traditions preserved from 1400 years ago.

    • LairdKintyre

      If anyone can solve this mess, it’s Sir Justin the Good. I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding, nothing a few photo ops and parkas can’t fix. He should get right on it

    • LairdKintyre

      SJW fools never learn. Amanda Lindhout comes to mind. Think of it. She gets kidnapped. Held and tortured by the animals for 15 months. Beaten and raped daily. Impregnated and forced to bear a child. And when finally released, starts clamouring at the bit to go back. There is no cure for dumb.

      • Watchman

        Heck, maybe she just like ‘rough trade’ sex. Not my business or concern – although I do feel for her child who is the victim now.

    • V10_Rob

      Now that I think about it, the Kumbaya Krowd do seem to account for an unusually high percentage of those who, hmmm, ‘experience diversity’ abroad, don’t they?