German migration authorities probe 2,000 asylum cases after high-profile fraud

It was the night of September 4, 2015. The first of three nights which would see tens of thousands of refugees cross into Germany. After months of rapidly increasing numbers of asylum seekers, this marked a turning point in what became Germany’s refugee crisis.

Before too long, more than 13,000 people a day were crossing Germany’s borders in the hope of finding asylum. By the end of 2015, the total exceeded 1 million.

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    Future generations in future civilizations (provided the Human Spirit survives the Islamic Scourge) will Speak of the Islamic Migrations and the havoc and destruction they wrought on Europe. They will Speak of it the way we speak on the Mongol invasions, and Viking Raids. Despite what our Elitist Betters may think or choose not to think this doesn’t help us. Easy for them in their gated communities. Don’t they realize eventually this Migrant Invasion will affect them? Walls and can be climbed or knocked over.

  • Observer

    What about the other million-plus?

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  • Uncommunist

    Despite the boost in employees at the height of the refugee crisis, training was skimped on, with some new case officers receiving as little as 10 days of training compared to the usual 14 weeks.
    “More often than not, people made decisions on applications even though they knew nothing,” Hubert Heinhold, a Munich-based lawyer specializing in asylum cases, told “Die Zeit.” “They don’t know the basics of asylum law,” he added.
    BAMF deputy head Uta Dauke insisted on Friday, “Quality was always and still remains the main question,” she told DW.