Eight Brazilians sentenced for plotting jihadist attacks ahead of Rio 2016 Olympics

The eight Brazilian men were found guilty on Thursday of recruiting and promoting terrorism, and handed sentences of between five and 15 years

In his sentencing, Judge Marcos Josegrei da Silva said the men “exulted in and celebrated terrorist acts carried out around the world, publishing videos of executions by the Islamic State (group) and instructions on how to swear loyalty to the group’s leader.”

  • Liberal Progressive

    How can you jail these poor 8 boys for things they didn’t actually get to carry out?

    As Justin will tell you, Brazilians need to look inside themselves for what they did to alienate these poor boys in the first place to drive them to be interested in terrorism.

    You can’t just imprison these 8 for thought crimes, though if they had publicly denied man-made global warming they should have been thrown in jail for that for threatening the Earth!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Let them find the right kind of people to kill and then arrest them?

      • Liberal Progressive

        You clearly need to listen to the wisdom of our Philosopher King and Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau!