Seven countries abstained in UN vote on Saudi Arabia

But Sweden’s “Feminist” government won’t say whether it was one of them.

Seven countries abstained when a UN council voted on giving Saudi Arabia a place on the UN women’s rights commission, the Swedish Foreign Ministry has confirmed. But it does not reveal whether Sweden was among them. h/t Editor

  • tom_billesley

    Sweden didn’t abstain – Sweden was one of the countries that backed Saudi Arabia’s membership of the UN HRC Women’s Rights Commission, along with four other EU members; the UK, Belgium, France, and Norway.

    GENEVA, April 27, 2017 – The Geneva-based UN Watch — the non-governmental human rights group which exposed the U.N.’s election of Saudi Arabia to its women’s rights commission — welcomed Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel’s statement of “regret” for helping elect the Wahhabist monarchy to the world body tasked with “empowering women” and “promoting gender equality.”

    “Human rights activists everywhere ought to accept this rare apology,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, “provided that it is matched with a real commitment to ending the U.N.’s routine elevation of gross human rights abusers to influential human rights bodies, which only empowers the regimes, not the victims.”

    “Saudi Arabia may have a large part of the world’s oil wealth,” said Neuer, “but their contempt for the basic rights of women should never be legitimized by U.N. bodies or by liberal democracies such as Belgium.”

    Belgium’s disclosure of how it voted is likely to increase pressure on other countries to do the same, and it refutes diplomats’ claims that such information is obliged to be hidden from the public.

    “Because we know there were at least four other EU nations who voted for Saudi Arabia, today we call on France, Sweden, Norway, and the UK, who are among the other members of the 54-nation U.N. Economic and Social Council. to likewise assume responsibility and express regret if indeed they backed Riyadh.”

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  • Spatchcocked

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  • simus1

    To slightly modify the Duke of Wellington:

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Even among Swedish feminazis, money talks and bullshit walks.

  • Hard Little Machine

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  • Gary

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  • FactsWillOut

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  • WalterBannon

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  • The bigger problem is that the UN exists at all.