Macron to sue Le Pen over ‘Kremlin smears’: Prosecutors open ‘fake news’ probe

After accusing the Front National (FN) candidate of ‘defamation’ on live television on Wednesday night, Mr Macron, 39, filed a complaint with the state prosecutor about the rumours, claiming that an online ‘fake news’ campaign had been mounted to influence voting.

  • simus1

    Perfect picture.
    A contest to fill in the cartoon speech balloons?
    Macron thinking:
    ” Why is she humming Strangers In The …….. what a bitch ! !”

    Marine thinking:
    “Why was I told to clasp my hands like this?
    Why does he look like some model in “Perfect Asshole” magazine”?

    • Marniecvernon

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  • BillyHW


    • LairdKintyre

      Isn’t that Macron in English? C’mon France. Seriously? Make me believe in you. You have a choice of a little weasel Quisling who wants to well you to Germany and open up the migrant floodgates or a strong stately woman French patriot.

  • LairdKintyre

    Just bitch slap the turd, Marine.