Liberals spent $53,948 on Canada Goose jackets

Congenital liar

Ontario taxpayers got Canada Goosed.

The Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services spent $53,948 buying staff at youth correctional facilities luxury brand Canada Goose parkas to keep them warm on the job.

  • Waffle

    How come my spidey sense tells me the founders (it’s a family business) have been generous donors to the LP for a long, long time?

  • ontario john

    Hey, we don’t worry about government waste here in Sunny Ways Ontario. We have the homosexual parades to look forward to.

  • marty_p

    Newstalk 1010 pundit this morning justified the expense. Said CG were the only contract bidders, (I wonder if the tender requirements were so specific that only CG could win?) said many of the workers were in northern locales dealing with Aboriginal youth in Winter where they were outdoors all day.

    What ever happened to buying your own clothes?

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    There’s also this…

    Suppliers for Syrian refugee welcome kits kept secret for security reasons

    There were pictures floating around that showed Syrians were given these $1000 coats as well.

  • LairdKintyre

    She has a huge mouth. She is terrifying when she smilies.

  • What’s more money between friends?

  • simus1

    “Real” down arctic parkas (and expensive duvets etc for that matter) can be uncomfortably hot except under long term sub zero conditions or high winter
    winds. One possibility is that size specs and differing amounts of down led to
    the parkas being made over time in small quantities on almost a custom basis.
    That would cause a lot of makers to lose interest.
    No buys of matching wind pants?

  • Waffle

    I’ve been reading and learning a lot about this controversy and I must admit that I have mixed feelings. For me, the bottom line is the fact that CG manufactures a high-quality product in Canada providing good jobs for skilled workers. It has obviously put quality over profit as a priority.

    Although foreign-made garments may be much less expensive, do they provide the warmth that is needed in northern environments. Do they have the longevity?

    We moan and groan about losing jobs. What is wrong with a ‘Buy Canadian’ policy?

    As for the manufactured coyote controversy, CG has found a good use for these pelts. As CG limits its production to maintain price and quality, it’s not as if the coyote, which has proven itself to be a danger to small pets and children (it knows no fear) is in danger of going extinct anytime soon.

    Whether or not CG does or has paid fealty to the dominant political party is sheer speculation on my part.

    • Bataviawillem

      Nice talk about good jobs for skilled canadian workers and anything less expensive might not be warm enough. It’s BS those coats are way overpriced and you only see them in the big cities as a fashion statement. I never ever seen one in Timmens.

  • Reader

    Ontario tax payers have been goosed by the Liberals once again.