There’s No Proof Trudeau Has Actually Met With Ethics Commissioner As Promised

And when the Ethics Commissioner’s office was given a request to share any info or proof of meetings between Trudeau and Dawson, their response was “No, we cannot.”

As Warkentin correctly pointed out, it’s “an insult to Canadians.”

  • Observer

    King Trudeau has much better things to do with his time like media photo opportunities.

    • He is so g-d- ugly. I hate looking at him. I get ill.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Objectively speaking he’s not unattractive.
        However, like Dorian Gray, you can see the ugly arrogance in him.

  • ontario john

    Whats the matter with people. Our wonderful feminist prime minister is too cool and handsome to worry about silly ethics. Do you want to discourage his daily trips across Canada and the world. so we can worship him?

  • Shebel

    Justin is an insult to Canadians.
    We thought that we elected a Leader.
    Instead we have foolish Child that would rather be a Celebrity.

  • Why would he? He renewed her contract and she repaid him.

    This is corruption.

    Park Geun-Hye was kicked out of office for much less.

    We need to do as the Koreans do: have a five year term limit.

    Oh, and riot.