The power of the Dark Side: School put on LOCK DOWN after a kid dressed as Darth Vader for Star Wars day sparks shooter fears

Millions of people across the globe are celebrating Star Wars day today, also known as May the Fourth.

But one teen got more than he bargained for when he wore his Darth Vader costume to his school, Ashwaubenon High, near Green Bay, in Wisconsin.

Within minutes of the boy, who has not been named, entering his school, a dozen police arrived responding to calls of a potential shooter and Ashwaubenon High was placed on lockdown.

  • BillyHW

    Putting your child’s education in the hands of women is a form of child abuse.

  • Brett_McS

    Learning how to shut down the school: A boy’s dream come true. Bonus: Police cars!

  • andycanuck

    To be fair he was going around choking students and teachers he didn’t like using the Force.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      I heard he’s a wanted man who has the death sentence on 12 systems as well.

      • Jabberwokk

        He better just watch himself

  • Dana Garcia

    No more fun in diverse, edgy America.

    • Those crazy Finns.

      • Or are they being practical by buying in bulk?

        One never knows when one might have a hundred or so people show up for a surprise luncheon.

  • terrence22

    Waddya expect these “teachers” to do. Back when I was in university, there was a common refrain – if you can not make in a real faculty, you can always flunk into education.

    Anyways, May the fourth be with you. (May fourth is Star Wars day.)