When I was a kid we all wanted the Johnny 7

IDF discovers M-16 in children’s bed during terror raid

Israeli security forces discovered lethal weapons, including an M-16 assault rifle, hidden inside children’s beds during a house raid operation in pursuit of a three-man terror cell, it was cleared for publication on Thursday.

h/t MP

  • I guess in “Palestine ” sudden infant death syndrome is not so silent

    • ‘Sounds just like a real Tommy GUN’

      • Clausewitz

        One Christmas I received the Johnny 7 and the Mighty Mo Howitzer. That was a great Christmas.

  • mobuyus

    muslims will think the Johnny Seven is a secret weapon and will all want one.

  • Millie_Woods

    I had a Johnny 7 OMA! I wish I still had it. If I kept the things I threw out and threw out the things I kept, I’d be a lot happier.