FBI investigates Hate Bananas found hanging from nooses on US campus

The FBI has launched an investigation after bananas hanging from black rope that looked like nooses were discovered on a university campus in the nation’s capital.

The bananas were discovered at six locations at American University on the day that Taylor Dumpson, a black woman, began her term as student body president.

Messages were written on the bananas saying “AKA FREE” and “HARAMBE BAIT,” referring to Ms Dumpson’s predominantly black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, and the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was killed by the zoo when a child fell into the primate’s compound.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    And it will soon turn out that we discover that blacks did this.

  • gaylord ponce

    Hilarious! Nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

  • MistahTibbs

    Not to be too cynical but I’ll wait until more info comes out….. and they discover that it was some SJW or, perhaps, a student of color who did it to “raise awareness” then the story will disappear…

  • Editor

    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, a hoax or an art performance piece to “raise awareness”?

  • robins111

    I’m smelling a bullshit hoax.

  • mobuyus

    Is there not a government agency that could be tasked with safely removing the bananas to a government run labratory to run DNA tests on the bananas to find out exactly who and why these bananas were placed or put where the bananas were found. Maybe it’s time bananas were banned. Perhaps a bipartisan government commitee could look into the possibility of having bananas banned or the use of bananas restricted to certain geographical locales.

    • Editor

      At least background checks and a banana registry.

      • NoBamaYoMama

        We need some “common sense” banana controls!

        • Editor

          At least for those evil, black, military style assault bananas!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Musa Lives Matter

  • Alain

    What a complete waste of time and resources. I suggest with all the feral black thugs and waiting-for-their-chance jihadists in the country, the FBI would have better things to do.

  • Uncommunist

    Hoaxus Poacus … another of the thousands of hoaxes we’ll never hear about again from msm liars.

  • Gary

    Wait , the ANTIFA terrorists roam free and actually commit crimes right in front of the Police which has bordered on Murder as were the BLM Terrorists riots and arson.
    But Obama and Loretta Lynch allowed it while the FBI didn’t give a Shi-ite that people were bused across State Lines for a protest/Riot which was made a Felony in the 1960’s .

    This is like the FBI and Loretta Lynch not caring about Muslims terrorists going Jihad in a gay bar or work place but they all claim that it’s a Crisis over islamophobia from unproven vandalism to Mosques or fabricated hate-crime by muslim women that claim their Hijab was pulled off or someone spew racial slurs at them .
    Then we have the Hollywood elites and Liberals that call for murdering Trump or blowing up the White House.

    The USA is lawless thanks to Obama and lynch-mob Loretta as well as Eric Holder . I’m on record about 6 years ago to predict that Obama secretly wanted a Civil war or was too stupid to see that he is building the foundation that will cause by his constant speeches to Minority groups that they are victims White Oppression or the Class structure .
    For almost 100 years GM and Chrysler ( Plymouth Dodge DeSoto Maxwell )
    had a structure to their Models for price ranges from the Minion to the Millionaire as did FORD by 1940.
    The big 3 did not promote Class-envy to sell cars , they catered to each income level and helped motivate people to aspire for a better job to join the people buying a Mercury or Buick or one day step up to a Lincoln, Cadillac or Imperial .

    Obama never ran a Business to learn that it creates a Toxic work place to keep reminding employees that high income Staff are selfish and should share their paycheck with you and donate a large amount to fund the Christmas party or Quarterly Bonuses.