Al-Qaeda to Muslims: An American ‘at Your Doorstep’ Is ‘a Test to Your Faith and Loyalty’

As ISIS is losing territory in Iraq and Syria but al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula maintains its strength, AQAP’s chief stressed that all jihadists “pious and immoral” are considered their “brothers” in the face of the common enemy, America and its allies.

Qasim al-Raymi, the 38-year-old leader of the Yemeni terror group, began the interview, distributed in English online, with AQAP’s Al-Malahem Media talking about the January raid by U.S. forces on one of their compounds, which he said confirmed “we are confronting a spiteful, criminal and crusade enemy.”

  • Dave

    All we need to go is tell them “good o’le boys” that terrorists taste like chicken…
    Problem solved.

  • Dave

    Hopefully it will be an I.C.E officer with deportation orders.

  • Shebel

    Not to worry . North Americans have the same concerns about Jihadi Muslims on our Land.
    Putting up with you assholes is a TEST for our Tolerance.
    Why don’t you instruct the Faithful to start KILLING us ?