The Death of Facts

Every week in America brings another spate of defeats for freedom of speech. This past week it was Ann Coulter’s turn (yet again) to be banned from speaking at Berkeley for what the university authorities purport to be “health and safety” reasons — meaning the health and safety of the speaker.

Each time this happens, there are similar responses. Those who broadly agree with the views of the speaker complain about the loss of one of the fundamental rights which the Founding Fathers bestowed on the American people. Those who may be on the same political side but find the speaker somewhat distasteful find a way to be slightly muted or silent. Those who disagree with the speaker’s views applaud the banning as an appropriate response to apparently imminent incitement.

The problem throughout all of this is that the reasons why people should be supporting freedom of speech (to correct themselves where they are in error, and strengthen their arguments where they are not) are actually becoming lost in America. No greater demonstration of this muddle exists than a letter put together by a group of students at Claremont McKenna College earlier this month to protest the appearance on their campus of a speaker with whom they disagreed.

  • DD_Austin

    The war on cops makes everyone less safe

    bullshit, the cops are useless parasites that don’t protect anyone of anything but
    their paychecks, they certainly don’t enforce the “law”*

    They’re no different than the sheriff of Nottingham’s hired goons, everyone cheers
    when the traitors get their just desserts.

    * neithier does the “justice minister” ie Liberal MP Maryam Monsef,