Mark Steyn on the doomed hillbilly

From Mark Steyn:

In this brand new SteynPost, Mark considers coastal condescension toward collapsed American communities, the realities of a world without work, and the strange phenomenon of death by despair. More.

Reality check: This is the best analysis you could hope for as to what really happened in the US election. I also recommend Federalist’s Trump as the first post-modern president? for understanding the depth and prevalence of Trump derangement syndrome among the Cool who despise these hillbillies.

But please note that Steyn does not offer a way forward in an age when the North American working class is no longer needed, due to automation, slave labour conditions in China, and low-wage migrant labour at home. I’m forecasting consensual euthanasia, as easier and more humane than oxycontin and very easy to sell as Cool bioethics.

Progressive government will love it. The money can be saved for designer do-gooding among cooler populations.

What happened in the US election is that obsolescent people took a chance on saving their lives. Maybe it’s too late to have the needed discussions in Canada.

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