Yale hunger strikers taunted with BBQ, free pizza

Yale University’s College Republicans chapter hosted a barbecue on campus Friday, just a few tantalizing feet from a union-led hunger strike.

According to The Yale Daily News, eight graduate students had resolved to fast until university administrators agreed to cooperate with a graduate student-employee union, Local 33, over its requests for renewed contract negotiations.

  • terrence22

    This SO-CALLED hunger strike, where the “strikers” can trade places with someone not in the “strike” should they get hungry.

    “As Campus Reform previously reported, the hunger strike is actually more of a tag-team effort, with plans to send in fresh strikers to replace members who grow hungry.”

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Is Theresa Spence on her way?

      • terrence22

        If not, she should be

      • andycanuck

        After dinner. Well… after an after-dinner snack.

      • Watchman

        Probably not: I suspect that the food isn’t free and there might not be enough for her.

  • Literally Hitler

    The barbecue is a funny taunt but where’s the sport in making fun of a hunger strike with time out for meals. Theyve already made it a joke. It should be called Ramadan.

  • Malcolm Y

    The fasters’ lives were spared due to a timely delivery of corn dogs. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1f322db12b4de66a4efca3c0b872f996f919213ba8efc27e90c66bfba9eb5202.jpg

    • felis gracilis

      What she really wanted was a horn dog but, hey, she’ll make do!