Therapeutic Universities and Soft Despotism

The safe-space’s heart of darkness.

The phenomenon of rich, privileged “snowflake” college students demanding “safe spaces” from “microagressions” rightly provokes derision and scorn from normal people. Those who live among the slings and arrows of the real world, where actions have consequences and one’s delicate self-esteem is a matter of indifference, can only shake their heads at such childish tantrums. But the roots of this degradation of the university’s traditional mission to cultivate critical reasoning rather than narcissism run deep in our therapeutic culture, and threaten the virtues and qualities of mind necessary for self-rule and political freedom.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Safe spaces are such a ridiculous concept.

    • Lynnrreel

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  • Gary

    Wasn’t it around 1997 that the Government assured women that it was okay to raise a fatherless child because it’s all about love, just like 2 men or 2 women wanting to be married and adopt children because 2 parents of the same sex are just as good as a single mom .

    Gee, where did all these brats come from.